Discover how aquaponics systems work, and how they can create much more yield than traditional forms of cultivation. Learn everything you need to know to establish an aquaponics system on your permaculture property. Select the most suitable fish and plant species for a vibrant, high-yielding system. Explore the ways of providing for the needs of your system from your site.

This course offers a comprehensive guide to setting up an aquaponics system on your permaculture property – so you can raise fish and grow plants in a system of cultivation that has low energy inputs and high yields.


  • Understand the fundamentals of what aquaponics gardening entails
  • Appreciate some of the historical precursors to modern aquaponics
  • Discover the three primary forms of aquaponics systems
  • Learn some of the advantages of each system
  • Know the suitable sizes for your fish tank and growing bed
  • Be cognizant of the various pumps required to ensure a fully functioning aquaponics system
  • Be able to “off gas” the chlorine in tap water so it is suitable for use in your tank
  • Understand the bacterial process that cycles nutrients through your aquaponics system
  • Learn the behavioral characteristics of many species of fish suitable for use in aquaponics
  • Know the dietary and environmental needs of potential fish species
  • Discover various sources of potential food for your fish – from outside sources and from your property
  • Have the knowledge to raise a number of invertebrates of your site with which to feed your fish

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos


Lesson 1: Introduction
aquaponics 1 - Introduction.mp4
4 mins
Lesson 2: Types Of Aquaponics System
aquaponics 2 - Types Of Aquaponics System.mp4
6 mins
Lesson 3: Equipment
aquaponics 3 - Equipment.mp4
11 mins
Lesson 4: Water & Bacteria
aquaponics 4 - Water & Bacteria.mp4
7 mins
Lesson 5: Types Of Fish
aquaponics 5 - Types Of Fish.mp4
9 mins
Lesson 6: Fish Food
aquaponics 6 - Fish Food.mp4
8 mins
Lesson 7: Planting
aquaponics 7 - Planting.mp4
5 mins
Lesson 8: Troubleshooting
aquaponics 8 - Troubleshooting.mp4
5 mins