Greener Home

Learn how making simple changes in your home can give you significant savings – of energy and money. 

Explore the options for greener appliances, lights, and flooring. Identify potential toxins in your home and learn how to use organic substances to clean it.

This course is a comprehensive guide to making your house greener and more in harmony with nature. It looks at a wide variety of ways that you can make changes to your home that adhere to the permaculture principles of ‘Care of the Earth’ and ‘Care for People’.

  • Identify potential chemicals in common household products
  • Use inorganic compounds to give your home a greener clean
  • Identify energy efficient appliances currently on the market
  • Understand how power and water use by appliances affects local and global ecosystems
  • Appreciate the relative power use of a range of appliances
  • Learn how changing appliance use can lead to greater energy efficiency
  • Know how faucets and shower heads can be made more economical
  • Assess the relative merits of different types of hot water supply systems
  • Evaluate the merits of different kinds of light bulbs for energy efficiency
  • Recognize how various types of flooring have different environmental impacts
  • Distinguish the types of items that are typically restricted in municipal recycling schemes
  • Appreciate ways to re-use and recycle many items from the home – from smart phones to ceramics

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos


Lesson 1: Chemicals & Cleaning
Greener Home 1 - Chemicals & Cleaning.mp4
8 mins
Lesson 2: Buying Appliances
greener home 2 - Buying Appliances.mp4
5 mins
Lesson 3: Using Appliances Efficiently
greener home 3 - Using Appliances Efficiently.mp4
13 mins
Lesson 4: Water Supply
greener home 4 - Water Supply.mp4
5 mins
Lesson 5: Lights & Floors
greener home 5 - Lights & Floors.mp4
7 mins
Lesson 6: Recycling & Re-Using
greener home 6 - Recycling & Re-Using.mp4
16 mins