Maximum Gardening by Melissa Henderson

Maximum Gardening

Discover how seeds germinate, and the ways that you can provide the best conditions to make it happen. Explore the various methods you can use to propagate new plant specimens. Learn everything you need to know to establish a greenhouse, polytunnel or cold frame on your site. Be able to prune and espalier your fruit trees effectively.

This course follows the path that a plant makes from seed to harvest. It stops off at key points along the way to explore the options available to the permaculture gardener to give the plant the best chance of growing to maturity and providing a yield for your table. 


  • Understand the four factors that primarily affect seed germination
  • Consider where you can source suitable organic seeds for your permaculture property
  • Be able to prepare a garden bed for planting seeds
  • Appreciate the benefits of starting seeds off indoors
  • Consider the suitability of different forms of grafting for different plants
  • Know how to take and cultivate cuttings from a plant to create new specimens
  • Recognize the various “yields” that can be gained from including a greenhouse in your permaculture design
  • Be cognizant of the basic steps required to build a greenhouse
  • Analyze the best position in which to site a polytunnel or cold frame
  • Have the knowledge to construct a cold frame or polytunnel on your permaculture property
  • Understand which situations may require you to prune a tree
  • Recognize different styles of espaliering
  • Know the visual signs that indicate when common fruits and vegetables are ready for harvest
  • Be able to harvest herbs so that you ensure regrowth in the parent plant.

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos


Lesson 1: Seeds
maximum gardening 1 - Seeds.mp4
7 mins
Lesson 2: Starting Seeds
maximum gardening 2 - Starting Seeds.mp4
7 mins
Lesson 3: Propagation
maximum gardening 3 - Propagation.mp4
10 mins
Lesson 4: Greenhouses
maximum gardening 4 - Greenhouses.mp4
5 mins
Lesson 5: Cold Frames & Polytunnels
maximum gardening 5 - Cold Frames & Polytunnels.mp4
9 mins
Lesson 6: Pruning And Espaliering
maximum gardening 6 - Pruning And Espaliering.mp4
10 mins
Lesson 7: Bringing In The Harvest
maximum gardening 7 - Bringing In The Harvest.mp4
12 mins