Prolonging the Harvest by Melissa Henderson

Prolonging the Harvest

Learn how to preserve food with a variety of techniques – from freezing and canning to salting and smoking. Discover new flavors and textures as a result of food preservation strategies. Make sure you have delicious food throughout the year.This course provides you with a range of skills that will allow you to make sure none of the foods you grow on your permaculture property goes to waste. You will be able to deploy any one of a range of strategies that will keep your food edible for much longer than the growing season – sometimes for years!


  • Appreciate how storage conditions can affect food freshness
  • Know the best conditions in which to store a variety of crops
  • Understand best practice for freezing foods effectively
  • Follow suitable procedures for freezing different kinds of produce
  • Know the difference between the two primary means of canning food
  • Be able to deploy either canning procedure
  • Understand why moisture causes foodstuffs to deteriorate
  • Appreciate the different kind of drying techniques you can use to preserve food
  • Be cognizant of why salt and brine preserve food
  • Be able to create a suitable brine for preserving a variety of foods
  • Know the differences between the cold and hot smoking techniques
  • Recognize how you can change the flavors of smoked foods
  • Understand how vacuum packing preserves food, and the safe way for storing them
  • Appreciate which foods are suitable for vacuum packing

What's included?

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Lesson 1: Storing
prolonging the harvest 2 - Storing.mp4
12 mins
Lesson 2: Freezing
prolonging the harvest 3 - Freezing.mp4
5 mins
Lesson 3: Canning
prolonging the harvest 4 - Canning.mp4
11 mins
Lesson 4: Drying
prolonging the harvest 5 - Drying.mp4
7 mins
Lesson 5: Salting & Brining
prolonging the harvest 6 - Salting & Brining.mp4
6 mins
Lesson 6: Smoking
prolonging the harvest 7 - Smoking.mp4
10 mins
Lesson 7: Vacuum Packing
prolonging the harvest 8 - Vacuum Packing.mp4
5 mins