Soil and Garden Beds by Melissa Henderson

Soil and Garden Beds

Discover how soil is made, what it is made from, and how you can improve the soil on your property to make for healthier plants and higher yields. See how compost and mulch can make a big difference to your soil, and how to utilize your soil in a variety of types of garden beds.

The skills you will gain in this self-paced online course:

  • Discover the primary causes of global soil degradation
  • Understand how different industrial practices impact upon the soil
  • Appreciate how natural processes and lead to the development of soil
  • Understand the stages of development that healthy soil goes through
  • Discover how good soil helps plants and animals survive and thrive
  • Recognize the soil’s contribution to water and oxygen levels on the planet
  • Gain knowledge about how three types of particle interact to determine soil properties
  • Find out how to test the make-up of your soil
  • Learn the importance of a range of soil chemicals to plant and animal health
  • Know how plants access soil nutrients
  • Know how different pH levels affect a soil’s health
  • Understand the variety of factors that influence a soil’s pH level

What's included?

Video Icon 15 videos


Lesson 1: Treating Soil Like Dirt
Soil - Lesson 1 - Treating Soil Like Dirt (Black).mp4
6 mins
Lesson 2: What Soil Is?
Soil - Lesson 2 - What Soil Is_ (Black).mp4
3 mins
Lesson 3: The Functions of Soil
Soil - Lesson 3 - The Functions of Soil (Black).mp4
3 mins
Lesson 4: The Properties Of Soil
Soil - Lesson 4 - The Properties Of Soil (Black).mp4
4 mins
Lesson 5: The Elements in Soil
Soil - Lesson 5 - The Elements in Soil (Black).mp4
7 mins
Lesson 6: Soil Ph
Soil - Lesson 6 - Soil pH (Black).mp4
4 mins
Lesson 7: Soil Biology
Soil - Lesson 7 - Soil Biology (Black).mp4
3 mins
Lesson 8: Improving Soil
Soil - Lesson 8 - Improving Soil (Black).mp4
6 mins
Lesson 9: Garden Beds
Soil - Lesson 9 - Garden Beds (Black).mp4
3 mins
Lesson 10: Raised Beds
Soil - Lesson 10 - Raised Beds (Black).mp4
4 mins
Lesson 11: No Dig Beds
Soil - Lesson 11 - No Dig Beds (Black).mp4
3 mins
Lesson 12: Circular Beds
Soil - Lesson 12 - Circular Beds (Black).mp4
3 mins
Lesson 13: Keyhole Beds
Soil - Lesson 13 - Keyhole Beds (Black).mp4
4 mins
Lesson 14: Herb Spiral
Soil - Lesson 14 - Herb Spiral (Black).mp4
3 mins
Lesson 15: Wicking Beds
Soil - Lesson 15 - Wicking Beds (Black).mp4
6 mins