Suburban Permaculture by Melissa Henderson

Suburban Permaculture

Discover planting techniques for a variety of locations in towns and cities – from window boxes and balconies, to green roofs and courtyards. Explore the many benefits that trees can bring to urban areas, and how permaculture ideas can help make cities more energy efficient. Find out how to set up a community garden, or consider joining a co-operative farm project. 

This course offers a comprehensive overview of how permaculture principles and practice can be applied to towns and cities. 


  • Appreciate the differences between different types of window box
  • Know which window box conditions a variety of plants prefer
  • Learn how to grow a wide variety of plants on high-rise balconies
  • Recognize the best way to cultivate fruit trees in courtyards
  • Understand the requirements for starting a roof garden
  • Discover two types of green wall cultivation
  • Appreciate the wide range of benefits trees bring to urban areas
  • Gain knowledge about using permaculture to make cities more energy efficient
  • Learn the numerous benefits community gardens can bring to a neighborhood
  • Know the steps required to create a successful community garden
  • Understand how land share schemes work
  • Appreciate the benefits to all parties of a co-operative farm 

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos


Lesson 1: Suburban permaculture
urban permaculture 1 - Urban permaculture.mp4
2 mins
Lesson 2: Window Boxes
urban permaculture 2 - Window Boxes.mp4
6 mins
Lesson 3: Balconies & Courtyards
urban permaculture 3 - Balconies & Courtyards.mp4
17 mins
Lesson 4: Green Roofs & Walls
urban permaculture 4 - Green Roofs & Walls.mp4
4 mins
Lesson 5: Other Urban Permaculture Practices
urban permaculture 5 - Other Urban Permaculture Practices.mp4
11 mins
Lesson 6: Community Garden
urban permaculture 6 - Community Gardens.mp4
13 mins
Lesson 7: Landshare & Farm
urban permaculture 7 - Landshare & Farm.mp4
4 mins