Water Earthworks by Melissa Henderson

Water Earthworks

From swales and dams to drains and ponds, you can learn everything you need to construct earthworks on your site – and discover the many benefits doing so brings to the soil, plants, animals, and you! Discover how to analyze, plan, create and plant your earthworks to make healthy ecosystems and preserve precious water.

This course gives you a comprehensive guide to the various forms of earth works that can be excavated on a permaculture site to help capture, store and channel water that comes onto your property.

The skills you will learn in this course include the following:

  • Consider how water earthworks can provide cultivation opportunities
  • Analyze the suitability of earthworks for your site
  • Understand the importance of topsoil preservation when excavating
  • Recognize the function of dams and when they might be appropriate on a site
  • Learn about constructing a dam and the importance of spillways
  • Learn how to plant a swale to create a long-lasting ecosystem
  • Appreciate the functions of drains and their place in water management systems
  • Understand the characteristics of different types of drain
  • Recognize how a Keyline system uses trenches, dams and drains to modify water flow
  • Plan and implement a Keyline system on your permaculture property
  • Understand the importance of shape, depth and edge to the function and yield of a pond
  • Be able to plan, excavate and fill a pond on your site
  • Consider the different categories of plants that make up a pond ecosystem
  • Learn about pond plant species that can provide food for the gardener and livestock

What's included?

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Lesson 1: Benefits of Water Earthworks
water earthworks 1 - Benefits of Water Earthworks.mp4
4 mins
Lesson 2: Tips For Water Earthworks
water earthworks 2 - Tips For Water Earthworks.mp4
5 mins
Lesson 3: Dams
water earthworks 3 - Dams.mp4
7 mins
Lesson 4: Swales
water earthworks 4 - Swales.mp4
6 mins
Lesson 5: Planting Swales
water earthworks 5 - Planting Swales.mp4
6 mins
Lesson 6: Drains
water earthworks 6 - Drains.mp4
4 mins
Lesson 7: Keyline System
water earthworks 7 - Keyline System.mp4
5 mins
Lesson 8: Ponds
water earthworks 8 - Ponds.mp4
7 mins
Lesson 9: Designing and Constructing A Pond
water earthworks 9 - Designing and Constructing A Pond.mp4
6 mins
Lesson 10: Plants for Ponds
water earthworks 10 - Plants for Ponds.mp4
7 mins